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Why Julia Matters


Here in Alabama, the legislative floor in Montgomery is a battlefield. Are they arguing over which road projects need funding? Are they discussing a politically and emotionally charged topic like abortion?

No, they are trying to decide if children with autism deserve insurance coverage for their immense therapy needs. They are trying to decide if insurance companies should be allowed to forgo paying for critical interventions like speech therapy, occupational therapy, and the main point of contention – ABA therapy.


Montgomery Assery

Welcome to Alabama, where the politics are made up and corruption doesn’t matter.

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Em-Barking on a New Adventure

Yes, I know. I totally succumbed to a dad-worthy pun for the title. Consider it a nod to the man of the house who has a torrid love affair with all things punny. He lives to see my eyes roll, I’m just sure of it.

But bad puns aside, we do have a new adventure beginning here at the Sparks abode. It’s an enormous commitment, but well worth the time, energy, and destroyed shoes that I am certain are in our future.

Meet Max. He is in an Australian Shepherd/Newfoundland mix with a big job: he will become our middle daughter’s service dog.



Miracle Max loves to ride with Brinley in the car.


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